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Since 2003 Heavy Grooves is specialized in custom vinyl records. From 1 to 100 copies, from cd to vinyl, from mp3 to vinyl we press any kind of sound files and music on vinyl records. We work with record labels, recording studios, independent artists, vinyl lovers and record collectors. Our vinyl production follows the RIAA guidelines in terms of record length, playing levels, even for a one-off custom vinyl record. Our mastering system will insure the best sound quality. We also offer an artwork printing service (vinyl record cover, sleeves, box sets) and we print your custom labels free of charge. Visit our Vinyl Pressing website.


We will be offering soon, via our online record store, a distribution solution to artists and labels to monetize their music. Your fan base will be able to order your music on vinyl directly from our platform. Each artist will benefit of a dedicated webpage and we will make the vinyls on demand for your fans with worldwide shipping. You provide the music and the artwork and we take care of all the rest from production to delivery. The artists get paid a defined percentage of the sale price. No setup fee, no production cost, no minimum quantities.


Our record store will focus on limited edition vinyl records from renowned artists as well as independent artists. The goal is not to compete with global retailers but to offer vinyl records that you can hardly find elsewhere.